Luxury Oud & Amber Incense Cones


Our Oud cones are 100% natural, authentic agarwood to maintain our high quality standards.


Oud and Amber is a deep scent, softened by velvety accents. Indulge in this mysterious and enchanting scent to envelope your space with a cloak of warmth. It is a distinctive, forthright and hypnotic fragrance where fruity nuances rest upon a powerful ambery wave.


Includes notes of sandalwood, enriched by Indonesian patchouli, resting on a sumptuous base of rock rose, tonka and vanilla. A floral fragrance, complimented by soft, spicy notes.


Directions: Place cone on a heat proof dish or inside incense holder. Light the top of the cone using a matchstick or a lighter, then blow out the flame.


Burn time: Around 15 minutes per cone.


Box includes: 20 incense cones.

Luxury Oud & Amber Incense Cones